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South of England Crafts for Christmas

Registration Page

If you attended the show last year, you will automatically be registered for this years show. You do not need to do anything and will receive your registration documents before the show. If you would like to view your record, please click on the "I have registered before, ..." button below.

Ticket Prices (per day)
Price when purchased before the show at 10% discountPrice on the day
Adults over 16 £4.95 £5.50
Family Rate (2 Adults and 2 Children) £10.80 £12.00
Senior Conssesions £4.05 £4.50
Children under 16 £2.25 £2.50
Children under 5 £0.00 £0.00
All purchases are made in Pounds Sterling (GBP)

Show Dates
Thursday 25th October 2018
Friday 26th October 2018
Saturday 27th October 2018
Sunday 28th October 2018
Opening Times
10:00am - 5:00pm

You can buy tickets online by simply following the instructions below.

If you have purchased tickets before, we may be able to save you from having to type in your details again by retrieving your previous registration details from our database.

If you have any difficulty using this website then please call the web masters on 020 8770 3700 or the organisers on 020 8788 4434.

Please click on one of the buttons below.

Data Retrieval

Please enter the email address that you used to purchase your previous tickets and either the order number or last 6 digits of the bar-code on one of your previous registration documents (you don't need to type the leading zeros, e.g. 0012342 can be typed as 12342).
If you do not have your order number or bar-code, then you can enter your post code instead.